In these times, you can't go wrong with having some candles on hand! These little candles are as simple, natural and down-to-earth as one can get! Handpoured by Amberlin using our own grass-fed beef tallow, local beeswax, and a pure cotton wick. 


Tallow, beeswax and pure cotton wick are the perfect replacements for soy and/or paraffin wax, and wax coated and/or leadened wicks which contaminate the air with the toxins they emit.  In contrast, these Farmhouse Candles burn clean with no odour and give a beautiful and traditional light!


Watch this video to see how Amberlin makes these candles.


Come in 4 oz. glass votives
Burn time approximately 20 hours
Keep wick trimmed to 1/4 inch
May contain some natural matter 


PUNCH CUP CANDLES x2 unscented

Come in 6.5 oz. glass punch cups
Burn time approximately 35 hours
Keep wick trimmed to 1/4 inch
May contain some natural matter 

*Does not come with teddy bear. You can order one here.


Something else that we love about these candles is that they're a salve in it's most basic form. Absolutely perfect for dry skin, chapped lips and other skin ailments! 

Farmhouse Candles


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